Announcing the Compassionate Inquiry Online Training

I’m excited to announce a new online course that has been years in the making, Compassionate Inquiry. Created with the collaboration of N.D. and international yoga teacher Sat Dharam Kaur.

Compassionate Inquiry is an in depth teaching and distillation of the approach I have developed to working with human beings beset by personal issues, health problems that need gently guided exploration, mental health challenges, addictions, relationship difficulties and, above all, an unhealthy relationship to their own selves.

Using Compassionate Inquiry, you will be able to unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real messages in clients that their words both express and conceal.

Therapists and health professionals are invited to participate in this 240 hour, year-long, graduate level online training for personal and professional development. You will receive bi-weekly facilitated training, weekly practice sessions and a comprehensive assessment process, with access to certification at the end of the course.

Start dates are January 14, 2019; April 18, 2019; or August 12, 2019. Registration deadline is December 23, 2018.

For more information, please visit the Compassionate Inquiry website.

11 thoughts on “Announcing the Compassionate Inquiry Online Training

  1. SStarlynn Shears-Osmond says:

    Would love to do this course

  2. Deborah Mann says:

    Dear Dr. Gabor.
    I’ve missed the deadline, and yet, I really really need to work and learn with you, on this seemingly brilliant course.
    I’m a mental health advocate. I work with people who struggle with bipolar, borderline, depression, ptsd, adhd and anxiety disorders.
    Pls, is there any way at all I could still register? I care deeply about what I do, knowing the physical is manifested by the mental and emotional parts of ourselves.
    I’m in the process of building a retreat in Portugal to give people space for silence, meditation, and begin healing.
    You and what you’re offering I know, can and will greatly positively affect these people’s lives.
    Please let me know whether I have any chance of registering for your course. Please.
    With kind regards
    Deborah Mann

  3. Sheila O'Malley says:

    Stephanie or Dr Mate,

    Sheila O’Malley here from Dublin Ireland. I would love to do the Jan 14course but I only heard about it very recently. Is there any way you could include me for the January course. I work in the corporate area and feel this would be of huge benefit?

    Fingers crossed until I hear from you,

    Warmest wishes,

    Sheila OMalley

  4. Sheila O'M says:

    Stephanie or Dr Mate,

    I had enquired just before the end of the year as an alternative,the new course you will have for personal growth, I would appreciate if you could advise approximately when you will know dates it’s likely to run? This is because I don’t have time for my 1:1 clients due to corporate talks/courses so wonder if that may be a better fit for me, but keen to have dates as work gets busier as Year kicks in!

  5. Hannah Miles says:

    Thank you for offering this to us. As you know so many need this understanding and work. I support families touched by Autism helping them with nutrition and natural lifestyle choices to empower the mother to put herself first heal herself and thus release and open up healing for her children and break the cycle of unaware parenting and a toxic lifestyle. I would love to bring your work to my families. I often work for free or donation with some paying clients. I am in service as when my boys where born with disabilities and Autism and I had a lonely hard road to recover then through diet and most importantly healing myself and starting the journey of self love. I had no one supporting me, so I try to support as many families as I can. I wanted to ask if you take scholarships to your course starting in April? It could help me and all my community and my vision of working with 1000 families and beyond. Thank you for your consideration on this. If I had the money I would invest as I believe in your work.

  6. Leslie says:

    I hope and pray that one day this approach will be available to those outside of “professional realm” I am and have been Very interested in self help and self growth. I have been on a healing journey for many many years and I have unearthed much trauma both in therapy and by myself. Still on the journey. I’ve listened to many of Dr Mate’s videos and I resonate so much with his approach.
    Thank you,

  7. Kamal banon says:

    I’m so happy i found you in my life.i listen to you everyday.inspired and completely amazed at your clarity and sharing.i m from India.I have an addiction issue.addiction of people pleasing and controlling how they see me.i really want yo study your work.i have done essence training of five years.A.H.almaas and FaisalMuqqadams work.therapy work of osho.worked as a keinisiologist.years of searching.

  8. Joy Seunarine says:

    Hi, I just received this. I am a craniosacral therapist. I want to take my skills and understanding of the body to body mind connection onto an online platform. Is there anyway I can find out more about the current process to get into this. Sent May 11th 2020

  9. Matteo Dossena says:

    Hi, great work. Signed up for your webinar at MAPS Canada, looking forward to that. Are you going to continue your training program? Not a professional, but trying to shift career. I think could be useful anyway.

  10. Paula says:

    I love Dr.Gabor Maté. I have been on a soul search journey for almost all my life. Hard work, but worth it! Searching has made me discover beautiful souls, like dr.Maté, my soul, human soul. His kindness in listening and seeing hurt/traumatised people is a healing in it self. It is an act of love. Wish our paths could cross only for a hug. Much love,

  11. Catherine says:

    Music is a source
    of beauty and meaning
    outside myself
    that I can claim
    as my own
    without exploring how,
    in my life,
    I keep from directly experiencing
    those qualities.

    (from In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts p 242)
    Sounded poetic to me, so here it is as a poem.

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