Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is an in depth teaching and distillation of the approach I, in collaboration with N.D. and international yoga teacher Sat Dharam Kaur have developed to working with human beings beset by personal issues, health problems that need gently guided exploration, mental health challenges, addictions, relationship difficulties and, above all, an unhealthy relationship to their own selves. Our Vision is to bring compassion, respect, acceptance, insight, healing, freedom and connection to humanity through an international community of skillful Compassionate Inquiry practitioners.

Therapists and health professionals are invited to participate in this 240 hour, year-long, graduate level online training for personal and professional development.

Using Compassionate Inquiry, you will be able to unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real messages in clients that their words both express and conceal.

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"As a mature therapist I make use of many approaches and interventions and Compassionate Inquiry has seamlessly nestled into aspects of REBT, DBT, CBT and Gestalt as well as assertiveness and self-compassion. Compassionate Inquiry has provided a reflective and non-threatening process for my clients to address previous trauma by identifying earliest occurrence of threat through physical sensation attunement, observing the event with self-compassion and self-kindness, gain awareness of the effects of this protective response from their younger self from then to the present and begin to challenge the threat reactions by being the adult safe-connection to their younger self that was absent when the traumatic event occurred. A spin-off has been the compassion experienced by many clients for their parents which has opened restorative conversations. Also, the C. I. process is teachable to clients and many have been effectively working through other traumatic situations to discover self-acceptance and forgiveness as they see through a C. I. eye."

Mark Whiticar

Mental Health and Addiction Therapist, Red Lake, Ontario

"Compassionate Inquiry taught by Dr Gabor Maté has transformed the way I work with clients. What used to take several sessions to get to the core issues now takes 20 compassionate minutes of attunement, awareness and kindness. The skills learned in this practice coupled with my back ground of Mindfulness allow me to see through the story of inherited illnesses like depression, chronic fatigue and ADHD, and get to the real cause of these ailments, which are often adaptations to trauma experienced in childhood. I’m indebted to Dr Maté for his insight, understanding and clarity into emotional trauma and addiction and I am privileged to help continue this important work. Dr Maté’s lived experience of early childhood trauma shines through every thing he teaches, writes and speaks. Compassionate Inquiry is I believe the new therapeutic modality of the 21st century."

Valerie Mason-John

Author and Buddhist teacher

"I can’t say enough about the aha moment I had viewing my first Gabor Mate YouTube video. At last I had found a person that thought the way I did - I was captivated, inspired and compelled to watch all Dr. Gabor’s videos, read his books and eventually was part of his live streaming work shop held in Victoria, B.C. at the end of May. As each piece of the puzzle is revealed, the client begins to recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and are able to make their own choice to liberate them. As children they had no choice - today all it takes is the willingness to search within. Traumatic events happen to people - the real trauma happens inside and we disconnect from our bodies and take on feelings of shame, guilt, blame, fear. Dr. Gabor has almost given me permission, in the most respectful non clinical way, to be open, transparent, curious and human with a sense that the possibilities are endless. I am so very thankful for Dr. Gabor's guidance and feel a new level of excitement and passion doing this healing work. "

Elin Ife, Psychotherapist

Qualicum Beach, BC

"Thanks to Dr Maté, I understand the trauma response and share that with people in private sessions, groups and classes. There is such relief when we finally "get it". It is not our fault. We are not inherently unworthy or bad. Through compassion and presence, I attune to people. I help them feel comfortable reconnecting with the energy and sensations in their body and their memories of when they felt overwhelmed and powerless. As people experience this is safe, they move from resistance to acceptance. Everything arising in our mindbody is part of us and all is welcome. Dr Maté understands this deeply and models it beautifully and authentically."

Lynn Fraser

Trauma specialist, Dartmouth, NS

"I notice that my self and clients get insights about their beliefs, and make sense out of their behaviors. I can use his quotes for my guided meditation before I do music therapy. I learned more in his course than I learned in any of my grief counselling or expressive art therapy education combined. I still go through the CI folder and create new index cards. This isn't just a course for therapists, it's a course for people who want to take responsibility for their lives. His lectures and critique towards medical schools gives me hope for our health care system and young doctors to look at people through a more holistic approach."

Iven Simonetti

Expressive Arts Therapist, Burnaby, BC

"The Compassionate Inquiry approach has profoundly shifted both the way I work with clients and my own inner work as well. I have found in Compassionate Inquiry a holistically based trauma informed therapy that weaves together a rich tapestry of neuroscience, mindfulness, somatic and attachment-based psychotherapy. This method guides clients toward uncovering core beliefs, while connecting deeply and safely into the body, in order to accurately identify emotions and somatic states. Through this process, clients may gain a deeper awareness into the workings of early attachment relationships while feeling safely held and anchored within an attuned therapeutic relationship. The result is a cutting edge modality that safely and gently heals the impacts of early trauma with the intention to restore self-cohesion, promote embodiment and presence, and repair early attachment disruptions. Gabor Maté is bold and compassionate; he brings his extensive knowledge and unique edge to the training. His teaching style is exceptional through effective modeling and explanation of the values and concepts of Compassionate Inquiry. This training is experiential and participatory, offering invaluable demonstration and real time experience. Thank you Gabor for culminating your wisdom and teachings into this extraordinary approach."

Lara Longo

Psychotherapist, Owen Sound, Ontario

"Compassionate Inquiry has helped my clients to unravel emotional blocks around situations that they are stuck in. In my practice I am very hands on with giving clients tools to bring home and create a healthier lifestyle and or unravel disease manifestation. Sometimes these ayurvedic and yogic tools don't work for emotional and psychological reasons of the clients.Compassionate Inquiry is another toolset that I can utilitize with my clients to be more effective in facilitating change. It is wonderful to watch the lightbulbs go off for the client when they realize why they had been stuck. "

Deva Khalsa

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Albuquerque, NM

"The online CI training program is so thorough and comprehensive that accredited doctoral level courses that I have taken pale in comparison. The CI approach is a powerful synthesis of multiple psychotherapeutic approaches I find to be most helpful in working with those who suffer from addiction and trauma. The synergistic combination of videos, written content, online meetings, and triad work together has been deeply transformational personally and professionally. The way I work with clients has been forever enriched and is now guided by the stepping stones so that we are able to get to the core issues that have seeded their addictions, in order to gain insight, heal, and move into sustainable recovery from self-defeating patterns. Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur are a powerhouse team whose authenticity, genuineness, and commitment to creating and delivering an exceptional program shines through in this masterfully delivered collaboration."

Dr. Wendy Harris

Clinical psychologist, faculty member at Antioch University

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