Adrenal Fatigue Solution
Several articles on healing from adrenal fatigue.

Addiction Unplugged: How to be Free
In his life work, and now in this succinct and elegant book, John Flaherty brings us home to who we really are, the pure self underneath our beliefs, emotions, behaviours and addictions. In that authentic and powerful place we find liberation.

Alberta Family Wellness
Comprehensive, science-based and humane resource on child development and the causes and treatment of human dysfunction; sponsored by the Norlien Foundation, a pioneering Calgary-based philanthropy that supports the research and practice of childhood and adult wellness. Watch this new video on How Brains are Built.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
Dr. Maté cites this seminal study extensively in In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. It demonstrates conclusively the link between acute stresses in childhood and later health problems, including addiction.

A.H. Almaas
A contemporary spiritual teacher whose “Diamond Approach” is a holistic method of realizing wholeness through direct encounter with one’s inner Essence, or true self. Almaas brilliantly combines Eastern spiritual wisdom and Western depth psychology. Dr. Maté considers him one of his most important mentors.

Attachment & Trauma Network
A network that provides advocacy, support and education and about the most important dynamic in child development: the attachment relationship with adults. An especially important resource for people working with kids who have experienced trauma.

The Canadian Institute of Stress
Founded in 1979 by the pioneering stress researcher Dr. Hans Selye, the CIS runs educational programs about stress for institutions and companies, and offers stress assessment and counseling for individuals.

The Continuum Concept
An powerful attachment-based parenting approach.

TJ Dawe — Writer/Performer/Director
TJ is a prolific and brilliant monologist, a true luminary of the Fringe Festival circuit who has won multiple awards for his virtuoso one-man shows. In 2010 he toured with his delightful show Lucky 9, about three disparate cultural works that altered his life: the Enneagram personality model, HBO’s The Wire, and… (wait for it) …the books of Gabor Maté, M.D. . I had the pleasure of appearing recently on his Totem Figures podcast, a conversation you can listen to here.

Democracy Now!
A progressive news and public affairs program broadcast Monday to Friday online and on the Pacifica Radio Network. Unlike so much of the corporate-owned mainstream media, Amy Goodman and her team examine the news from the perspective of those most adversely affected — and stressed — by global events and domestic policy, including the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized, and those living in war-torn areas.
A Canada-wide compendium of helpful services listed by Ottawa-based child psychiatrist Dr. Michael Chang.

Enlightenment Intensives with Murray Kennedy
Dr. Maté highly recommends these guided contemplation retreats, offered at regular intervals near Vancouver, BC.

Essential Inquiry
Enlightenment Intensives offered on Vancouver Island and other locations.

Hand In Hand Parenting
Useful, practical, heart-based, attachment-friendly information on parenting.

The Healing Journey Program
Based out of the Ontario Cancer Institute at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, a program developed by Dr. Alastair J. Cunningham, a world-renowned research in psycho-oncology and himself a cancer survivor. Dr. Cunningham’s holistic approach incorporates the psychological and spiritual dimensions of disease and healing, rooted in an understanding of mind-body unity such as I advocate in all my books, particularly When the Body Says No. The website includes links to audio, video, and workbook versions of The Healing Journey program.

The Haven
Located on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC, this centre offers a wide array of residential programs for personal and professional development.

An idyllic retreat and seminar centre located on Cortes Island, BC, with a diverse and excellent offering of programs promoting healing, wellness, and self-discovery.

KidCare Canada Society

The Landmark Forum
A powerful and effective weekend course in personal growth and transformation, available internationally. Dr. Maté can attest to the program’s efficacy in empowering people to dissolve old patterns, hidden beliefs and ways of being, and in creating richer and more fulfilling lives and relationships, is unparalleled.

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Insightful and illuminating research on “The Biology of Belief”.

Daniel Maté
An award-winning composer and lyricist for musical theatre based in New York City, and Dr. Maté’s eldest son. Daniel helped edit In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts and lent his voice talents to the audiobook version.

Rae Maté — Artist
Rae’s artwork was featured on the covers of the Canadian versions of my first two books. Even if she weren’t Dr. Maté’s wife and life partner of 40+ years, he’d still be a huge fan of her wonderful, whimsical, soulful paintings and illustrations.

Online Colleges – Mental Health resources for students

Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. / The Neufeld Institute
Dr. Maté’s co-author on Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers. As a thinker, lecturer and clinician who has devoted his life to helping parents and professionals “make sense of kids”, Gordon is, quite simply, peerless. His work eschews trendy and simplistic parenting “techniques”, emphasizing instead the centrality of attachment relationships and awakening parents’ natural instincts.

Playful Parenting

Practical Recovery

Recovery Nation
A very helpful website promoting a health-based program for recovery from sexual and other behavioral addictions.

SMART Recovery: Self Help for Alcoholism and Addiction

Dr. Dan Siegel
A pioneering UCLA psychiatrist who emphasizes the importance of attachment relationships for brain development. Recently he has also explored the transformative and healing power of mindfulness. Dr. Maté highly recommend his books, which include The Developing Mind and The Mindful Brain, as well as his CD lectures, such as The Neurobiology of We, on interpersonal neurobiology.

Eckhart Tolle
A contemporary spiritual teacher whose work on presence and “the power of Now” Dr. Maté has come to value highly.

Touch the Future
An excellent parenting resource website which understands that “continuing child development depends on adult development.” In particular, Dr. Maté recommends the “Play” and “Bonding and the Brain” sections.

Tribal Theory
Tribal Theory helps professionals, working on an ongoing basis with victims of trauma, to understand the impact of emotional trauma in order to provide a foundation for post-traumatic growth of individuals and community.

What Disturbs Our Blood: A Son’s Quest to Redeem the Past
This memoir by Toronto writer James FitzGerald is a powerfully written, emotionally authentic and intellectually satisfying account of multi-generational mental illness in a prominent Canadian medical family. It is not an easy read, but a gripping one due to the writerly skill and unflinching honesty of the author, and his commitment to uncovering dark family secrets hidden behind blue blood respectability and high professional achievement.