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Returning to Ourselves: The Wisdom of Trauma

Jul. 16. 20 - Jul. 19. 20

A 4-day live, online retreat hosted by Gabor Maté and Betsy Polatin.

This moment of crisis and uncertainty provides a potent opportunity to recognize old trauma dynamics and create new ways to respond informed by trauma education.

This program will feature Dr. Gabor Maté’s unique therapeutic work and teaching, Compassionate Inquiry, enhanced by movement and breathwork led by Betsy Polatin. We will explore emotional realities and traumatic imprints that spiritual modalities often ignore. It will be an in-depth program, suitable for therapists, spiritual seekers and anyone looking for a profound, experiential understanding of their traumatic imprint and the hidden beliefs that sustain it.

The teaching will be articulated in four main themes:
1. Recognizing Trauma Dynamics
2. Staying Grounded and Connected
3. Expanding Compassion
4. Developing Resilience