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Not ‘Why the Addiction’ but ‘Why the Pain?’ / Addiction: Healing and Rebuilding Trust in the Whole Family / Healing the Addicted Family; Healing the Healer.

Nov. 30. 18 @ 7:00 pm - Dec. 2. 18 @ 5:00 pm

Over three days, in separate events aimed at different audiences, Gabor will present current research-based findings that help us to gain new insights into the origin and treatment of addiction.

Family members will learn to better understand and relate to each other, and get to the core of dysfunction that interferes with long-term recovery.

Mental health and addiction treatment professionals will have the opportunity to more deeply explore how their own issues can interfere with client progress, and to learn new, evidence-based approaches to understanding and healing addiction.

Friday November 30, 2018: Not ‘Why the Addiction’ but “Why the Pain’. (Davis, CA, Veterans Memorial Theater)

Open to all. In this engaging presentation, Gabor will help us understand the factors that have contributed to the brain chemistry and neural pathway dysfunction that underlies addiction. The first half will be presented through a series of stories and easy-to-grasp explanations, to help anyone who has been touched by addiction to come away with a deeper understanding of how and why addiction happens, and what we can do to help both those suffering from addiction and those family and friends who are affected by it. The second half of the evening will feature question-and-answer and interactive discussion between Gabor and audience members.

Saturday December 1, 2018: Addiction. Healing and Rebuilding Trust in the Whole Family. (West Sacramento, CA; West Sacramento Black Box Theater)

Intended for families. This workshop (developed for this event, and presented here for the first time ever) is a unique opportunity, in a very small group setting, to explore how family issues and interactions form an integral part of the addiction process.

Through compassion, insight, and understanding, we will develop new ways of communicating and interacting with our loved ones struggling with addiction, and we will gain deeper understanding into our own wounds and their impact on our behavior and communication.

Through gentle, compassionate discussion and insight, Gabor teaches us how we can listen to, understand, and engage with one another, rebuild trust and connection, and learn to set safe, healthy boundaries.

Some participants will have the opportunity to work directly with Gabor during the workshop.

Sunday December 2, 2018: Healing the Addicted Family; Healing the Healer (West Sacramento, CA; West Sacramento Black Box Theater)

Intended for Mental Health and Addiction Professionals. This unique workshop, also a first-time event, offers professionals a unique opportunity to deepen skills in attunement, trust building, and reaching even the most challenging clients. In a small group setting. Gabor will speak about the neurobiology of addiction through the lens of early attachment, bonding and trauma, in a simple and accessible way.

With the foundation established, Gabor will then will offer practical techniques for creating and enhancing safety (which he describes as ‘not absence of threat’ but ‘presence of connection’) with clients. Using safety as the basis for deep, effective engagement and client recovery, Gabor will address some of the most challenging issues that professionals face in working with addicted populations and their families.

Gabor will also discuss in depth the importance of exploring the counselor’s unhealed parts of self — even among those of us with decades of experience — and how this affects our ability to reach clients, and to establish safe boundaries. The day will include opportunities for interaction and some participants will have the opportunity to work directly with Gabor during the workshop.

Please note: All events will be filmed and recorded for eventual release as educational video and clinical training products. All attendees must agree to be filmed, and must sign a release at the time of filming.  Please do not buy a ticket if you are unwilling or unable to sign a release.


Nov. 30. 18 @ 7:00 pm
Dec. 2. 18 @ 5:00 pm


Various venues in Sacramento, CA
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Sacramento, CA United States


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