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Attachment and Addiction

Jan. 30. 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Essential to EPP’s success in breaking into one of the most archaic institutions of America – the criminal justice system – is its fundamentally compassionate approach to how human beings grow and heal, starting with attachment. EPP uses the Enneagram as a system to remember what is “right” about us from our earliest conception and understands that the basic building blocks of personality – our egoic distortion of who we truly are – begins in childhood.

Drawing deeply on the work of EPP Advisory Board Member, Gabor Maté, and his revolutionary approach to working with those marginalized by addiction, we will clearly show participants that we all have much more in common with addiction than we might have ever realized. This pragmatic, accessible teaching – so simple and pragmatic – will give participants a digestible way to at last comprehend each of our fierce addiction to personality and the dopamine hit that is wired right into our character structure. We will help participants to understand why our primary attachment relationships set us up to either survive or to thrive, and how so much of our level of development depends upon how we came out of childhood in the first place.