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“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Maté as a speaker. His simple, clear way of presenting his material was absolutely captivating, and the audience quickly forgot the absence of any showy PowerPoint slides or other visual aids… In his understated manner, Dr. Maté proceeded to outline a message so vital that people here are still talking about it.“

Aimee C. Chagnon, MD

Center for Advanced Research and Education (San Francisco, CA)

“I think all our heads are still spinning from Thursday. There is no way you can fully appreciate how much we valued your participation in this event… The feedback has been over the top positive and we just simply can’t thank you enough.“

Jason Steward

Pivot Legal Society (Vancouver, BC)

“We had a wonderful turnout - approximately 500 people for each event. Many people attended both events. I have had nothing but excellent feedback and Dr. Mate has done a lot to help our community move towards the understanding of the paradigm shift that we need to make if we are going to truly help our children develop fully. I can't say enough about how much we have appreciated Dr. Mate's presentations and support. “

Carla Gillis

Event Organizer

“Dr. Maté's talk was one of the best I have ever seen. Everybody was delighted! I'd like to thank you very much for making this possible. “

Renato Malcher

Event Organizer

What They Say

“Thank you for coming our community to speak today. I was more inspired and enlightened in 30 minutes than I have been at that school for 3 quarters...I think my education and life has a new direction and I thank you for it. “

“I listened to you speak at the conference on Friday and I wanted to tell you that I have never been moved by a speaker like you did for me. You are incredibly insightful and I feel true passion in the words you speak. It was a pleasure hearing you speak. “

“I truly wish to thank you for your desire to help me and many others. You left me with hope...with hope we stay alive and in that we can carry on to get well. Blessing on you and your family.“

“I am the woman from the event who talked about my Lupus being a license to say NO. I just wanted to thank you for your healing words. You say things that intuitively I have known to be true but never spoke out loud. Your work is changing the world. I am a teacher and a counselor and will spread the messages. “

“I tuned into the En-theos Recovery 2 conference and was pretty impressed, despite listening to only a few interviews. Of course, yours was one of them. The next day I was replaying your interview in my office. A gent who suffers greatly from serious alcoholic/porn binges was watching it with me. This gent, in between his binging, does nothing else but distract himself from the by working a lot and talking a lot of positive nonsense and calling it his “recovery”. He listened to you intently, eyes fixed, mouth open, heard you talk about examining oneself and asking yourself the right questions; not in a bitter way, but with “compassionate curiosity”, as you call it. He experienced an epiphany. Your interview was a major turning point in his life. Thanks so much for everything.“

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